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On a scale of 1-10, how 11 are you?

Pretty 12. 

ask box open 

ask box open 

THANK YOU FOR 500!!I couldnt have asked for better followers <3 


I couldnt have asked for better followers <3 

Also who is dirk 

You guys should fill my inbox with more things because ilu )

Dave laughs so hard his face gets beat red.

He also becomes a kickboxing champion.

The first couple days were rocky

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Dave, how do you show your love for your brother? Since we can see Bro expresses his love more than you do~

bro just doesnt shut up about it theres a difference
of course i do all that sweet brotherly shit
like we play games together
and watch shitty anime
i even hold the yarn while he knits shit

if you can say that i dont love him after holding yarn while he makes  his giant assed smuppets that he shoves in every crevice of our house then i dont know what love is 

Going to Shadocon in Florida as Dave today, Will post pics on my personal tumblr. 

I will be wearing red shutter shades just cause

Hope one of you cool people will say hello to me

one of you 466 followers 


He couldn’t handle my training. It was too much for him.